Strengthens your mental ability

Enhances your self-image

Improves alertness and concentration

What people say

Jay was hired for a CEO retreat we conducted. He did an amazing talk on mindfulness, being present, utilizing meditation to achieve a sense of fulfillment, and did an amazing workshop and guided meditation for our group. Everyone was very impressed and I give Jay the highest recommendation possible. I am excited to hear him speak at our TEDxGoldenGatePark event in October.
Darius Mirshahzadeh
CEO, Money Inc
Jay spoke at our company on numerous occasions, and has brought a level of peace and understanding I rarely get to witness in a high paced startup. A combination of science and spirit, he is able to win over a diverse group quickly. I highly recommend any opportunity to spend some time with Jay.
Armen Berjikly
Founder, Kanjoya
Jay led a meditation workshop for my Senior Leadership team and their spouses. Some of my leaders were reluctant to participate, but Jay developed an immediate rapport with the entire group. He combined scientific evidence supporting meditation with some introductory practice. The session was a great success.
Tom Darvin
CEO, 511 Tactical