Mindful Children

Fostering holistic growth of school children and cultivating values.

Created by renowned experts in the field of character-based education, mindfulness, leadership development, and creative arts, it delves into five values, which have been delivered both as a 7-day summer camp and 50-90 minute sessions over 5 days within an existing program.

Our goal is to facilitate a child’s self discovery through creative engagement to create positive social change.


After training as a monk and living in an ashram for 18 years, Jay is called to create experiences that combine meditation, adventure and exotic travel. His missions to impact as many people as possible through meditation.

What's Included

Internationally acclaimed curriculum

Cutting-edge research

Expert facilitators

Creative exercises

What People Have Said

Thank you Jay for bringing this amazing one week music and meditation experience to the kids here at the North Marin Community Services. We are truly grateful. It is amazing souls such as you that make a difference and touch so many lives. The world is such a better place to live in because of all you do!! THANK YOU!!

Vanshika Nachnani

CFO, North Marin Community Services

Kids that are really impulsive can learn to develop that pause between stimulus and reaction. Then you have the skills to realize when you’re angry, when you feel stress arising, and begin to strengthen the skills to de-escalate yourself.

Ali Smith

Benefits of Meditation:

Builds a stronger brain.

Supports emotional development.

De-stresses for academic success.

Helps students each their full potential.

Program Overview

Leadership principles

Self awareness

Relationship management

Conflict resolution

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