Mentoring with Jay

Why Mentoring?

Are you finding meaning in your daily existence? Is it possible to reside in a state of fulfillment and balance? Are you curious to discover your purpose in this life? There are so many questions with which we struggle to comprehend on a larger level in relationship to ourselves. I am here to assist in this unraveling until the answers present themselves clearly. This is an extremely personal and powerful journey. Once you have truly decided to delve into this work the results can be transformative. It requires a willingness, dedication and commitment. Are you ready to embark on this spiritual adventure?

Meet Your Mentor

Jay Chodagam is a meditation teacher based in San Francisco. After training as a monk and living in an ashram for 18 years, he is being called to synthesize ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience. He’s traveled to over 60 countries to help people develop 5Q (spiritual quotient) for purposeful living and joyful being. His guided meditations and weekly live workshops are listened to by millions across the globe.

Spoken At

What To Expect

Objective: To embody your highest potential

Time period: Meeting for 1 hour sessions, 2 to 4 times a month For 3 to 12 months.The timeFrame for personal transformation is different for everyone. It takes time and can be challenging as old ways can be deeply rooted and may take time and patience to evolve.

Sessions include: Conversation, reflection, journaling, somatic exercises, etc.

Benefits of Mentoring

Higher self awareness

Increased confidence

New ways of thinking

Past Students

I always find that talking with you grounds me to what I know to be the only REAL reality, the creator and the path for my sours,rne, growth. All else is a game, a learning experience, something that can help us grow or, if untethered, make us lose our way.
Melissa M
Jay, thank you fog-your kindness and for your guidance during covid. Don't know if I could have made it through the pandemic without these sessions. You definitely brought a lot of light during this darkness.
Gurpreet S
Jay, I really tend not to attend sessions led by men because they can trigger me. But you provide such safety, warmth and wisdom. I love every session you've done. Thank you For cultivating such a thoughtful and nurturing energy.
Bianca T

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